Shin Sen Gumi – Ramen (San Gabriel)

I went to have lunch at Shin Sen Gumi’s Ramen Restaurant for the third time this past month. The last two times, they were closed. Probably because I went during off hours. They closed mid-day like most Japanese Restaurants. They stop serving lunch at 2pm. Sometimes there’s a wait since this venue is really small. It gets packed quick, so arrived early!

Once your seated, there’s usually a ordering slip if not the waiter will ask you

1. how do you like your noodles? soft, normal, or hard?

2. amount of soup oil? thick, medium, or light?

3. strength of soup base? strong, medium or light?

I like my ramen soft, light, and light again. There are extra toppings too, like corn, extra pork, etc.

The waiters like to greet you by screaming things in Japanese and walk you to the door when you leave. The service is pretty good here. If you come during lunch hours, the ramen comes with a side dish!


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